We provide IT deployment and logistics solutions to companies of all industries and sizes. Our services are generally focussed on situations where our customers have their own IT Helpdesk providing remote support, often located "off-shore" but they also need a partner closer to home.  Typically, our clients require us to:

  • Deploy new hardware either in a "break / fix" scenario, or for new employees
  • Receive, repair, store and then re-deploy existing hardware that as been returned by their employees
  • Ensure that deployed hardware has been tested, and that all required applications have been installed and configured prior to deployment
  • Create user profiles before deploying hardware to reduce the likelihood of issues
  • Manage all communications with employees and management to capture all requirements prior to deployment
  • Work in conjunction with existing IT personnel, using customer IT systems (IT service desk, application deployment solutions etc)
  • Develop efficient processes and communication templates to ensure that employees are operational "from the word go"
  • Co-ordinate arrangements with couriers and employees to ensure deliveries and collections take place in a timely manner
  • Provide “local hands” in offices to address issues that remote IT Helpdesks can not resolve (which can include anything from cable issues at desks to critical infrastructure failures)

If you are looking for an IT company with a proven track record to manage your hardware deployment, please contact us via the “Contact” page of our website and we’ll be in touch with you within 24 business hours.



IT Asset Management

ITomica can store, image and configure a range of laptops that will be ready when you have a new hire coming onboard, or require an urgent replacement due to hardware issues.


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In these changing times, if you need to change your approach to IT hardware deployment and storage then we can help.

Offices are down-sizing or disappearing all together, but we have the space, experience and processes to help you find a solution. Our service offering is somewhat unique, and can be tailored to meet your requirements.

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“ITomica's employees have supported our business efficiently and effectively for a number of years.  We have always found them to be professional and highly competent, and would not hesitate to recommend ITomica.”

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